Conscientious Pet Sitting

You know your pets will miss you, so you don't want to compound their anxiousness by leaving them with a kennel. With 15+ years of experience, you can count on Fiona's Creatures Large and Small LLC for keeping your pets safe and happy.

Providing everything your family pet needs:

  • Pet taxis
  • Dog walking
  • Regular feeding
  • Exercise sessions
  • Extended visits or playtime with pets
  • Feeding and medication administration
  • I will mimic their normal routine as closely as possible and will visit as many times as you’d like
  • Your pet won't have to contend with being social around other animals
  • Particularly in a vet's kennel, you don't risk your animal acquiring fleas or disease
  • In addition to excellent care, I will give lots of love to your pets!"
  • For no extra charge, I will bring in your mail & newspapers, put out your garbage, & turn on/off lights… all of which will minimize the appearance that no one is home.